Frequently Asked Questions

How many appearances do you typically do for a fair or festival event?
Typically Conjurer does three 30-minute appearances daily. However, we’re happy to work with you on this to deliver the number of shows appropriate to your venue.

Do you need to be near an electric outlet?
No. The unit runs on battery power. However, for multi-day events we will need access to a 5 amp dedicated electrical outlet overnight for charging the batteries.

What requirements do you have as far as space, dressing rooms etc?
For multi-day events such as fairs, a dressing room or safe storage area where Conjurer can be locked up overnight and between sets is required. This dressing room area should have dedicated electrical outlets for charging Conjurer’s battery pack. Also, the path between the dressing room and the performance area should be well paved with either smooth asphalt or concrete. Conjurer is not designed to roll on dirt, gravel or old, broken asphalt or uneven/cracked cement surfaces.

The space for the actual performance is as follows:

The unit itself takes up nominally 3’ x 3’ at the base and ideally backs up to a fence, wall or some kind of other barrier.
Allow approximately 10’ - 25’ in a semi-circle around the front of the box for crowds to gather.

I’ve looked at a lot of your pictures. I don’t see a turban. Doesn’t Zoltar have a turban?
Yes! Zoltar Speaks does in fact have a turban. That character is themed like a middle eastern fortune teller. While many people have encouraged the Conjurer character to wear a turban, our company does not believe it’s appropriate.

The look and style of Zoltar is protected under copyright laws and is trademarked by Characters Unlimited Inc., out of Boulder City, NV. We know the owners. They make a great product. We want to respect their creation. Plus we don’t want to risk our company or your event facing copyright infringement litigation should that ever arise.

Do you give away a fortune card?
Yes. The “Conjurer experience” involves three steps.

  1. First, press the button to “activate” the machine.

  2. Second, listen to your spoken fortune. The spoken fortunes are typically humorous one-liners.

  3. And third, Conjurer will dispense a printed fortune card the guest may keep. These printed fortunes cards are meaningful.

    We find many people keep their cards in their wallet or purse and show us they’ve kept them year after year.

Does Conjurer Talk To People?
The Conjurer character is portrayed as a realistic audio-animatronic. At times Conjurer may be mic’d up and a little bit of technology may be used to very slightly delay the voice. We feel this creates a realistic experience and allows your guests to continue wondering whether the character is actually a machine or a real person.

Where is your company based?
Albuquerque, NM, USA

What’s your service area?
We currently serve nationwide and are prepared to provide service globally as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Do we need to pay travel expenses to have you at our event?
This is dependent on your agreement terms. Some of our largest clients prefer the fee be all-inclusive and we handle travel & lodging arrangements on our end. Others prefer the fee plus travel because they may have deals in place with lodging and travel providers that actually make the total fee more economical for them. Please contact us with specific questions about your situation.

If you’re in the Albuquerque/Santa Fe metro area, there are no associated travel costs.

How can I get in touch with you?
Robert Smith Presents
PO Box 65122
Albuquerque, NM 87193-5122




Our event requires you have a general liability insurance policy.
Done. We can provide you a certificate of additional insured if necessary.